Company Legal Docs

Terms of Service

Herofx is compliant with and dedicated to keep your data out of the wrong hands and herofx doesnt store any data relating to any client or trader.


The information we collect are not stored in our system and thus we do not have any access or right to your personal information and your data is your responsibility.


We take Security of our members very seriously as to deposit and withdrawal, in terms of withdrawal in the case of crypto deposit wallets used as deposit should be the same used for withdrawals.

Top FAQs

Some of the things you may want to know We answered questions so you don’t have to ask.

Please go to “Profile” and you will be able to edit your information such as your password, email and your phone number.

The Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) requires you to enter an additional code when signing

Trading with HeroFX has its benefits, as to a free ebook will be sent upon registeration and KYC verification of trader account.

Once funds have been received, they will be credited to your HeroFX wallet automatically and an email notification will be sent.

For general inquiries please contact